There are many ways a business can become involved with philanthropy no matter how large or small their budget may be. Of course, philanthropy benefits many worthy organizations and local communities. However, offices will also benefit in the form of higher employee engagement, camaraderie, and attracting new talent to the team. While it may be difficult to find the time to give back, it is a worthwhile investment that will not only help others in need but leave you and your office feeling good as well. Below are five easy ways your office can incorporate philanthropy into the business aside from donating money.

Volunteer your time

One of the greatest ways to connect with your community is by volunteering your time. Business leaders can become partners with a local charity or can research ways to volunteer that would best fit their team’s schedule. For example, your office can spend some time serving lunch at homeless organizations, building and cleaning a park, or caring for animals or elderly in your community.

Become a mentor for students

Creating a mentorship program with a local school is a great way for your employees to teach students about their profession. Students will receive a behind-the-scenes look into the field and can be inspired to follow a similar career path. Mentorship will also benefit the employee by refocusing and refreshing their skills and expertise. Depending on where the student is at in their education, it may also be a great way to attract new candidates to apply for your company.

Donate services

If you are unable to donate money, consider donating services. Many non-profits or smaller organizations struggle with meeting basic needs such as developing a website or app. Your office is full of experienced individuals who are talented in what they do. Their advice, input, and assistance would be hugely appreciated by many causes.

Participate in a charity event

Another popular way to get your team involved with giving back is to participate in a charity event. Charity events can include many things, such as a fundraiser, silent auction, or run. Charity events are a great way to help raise money and awareness for needy causes. It can also be great for team building.

Collect food and goods

Help the most vulnerable in your communities by collecting food or basic necessity donations. Many companies find a lot of success in organizing a food drive. Employees can bring in canned goods and non-perishable items that can be then taken to food pantries. Many homeless shelters are also in need of basic items such as socks, toothbrushes, deodorant, etc.