Most of us want to help where we can by investing our time or funds into worthy organizations that are committed to making a difference in our world. However, it can be challenging sorting through businesses to find one that truly matches our core values. With charity scams often in news headlines, it is up to donors to meticulously research organizations that are committed to an honest mission. This can be time-consuming process alone, aside from choosing organizations that match the issue’s you are most passionate about. Without the generous donations from giving people around the world, many non-profits would not have the funds to carry out the research and work they are committed to. For many, philanthropic efforts are not only appreciated by the businesses they are helping, but are a rewarding and positive experience. If you are considering donating either funds or time, the following tips will help you find the right organization worthy of your time:

What are you passionate about?

A good starting place for all soon-to-be philanthropists is dedicating time to reflect on what they are passionate about. Many non-profit organizations are committed to improving areas such as environmental or social issues, women’s rights, health, or animal welfare. Donors should also take time to consider if they are more interested in making an impact locally, nationally, or internationally. Once one determines what issues they care most deeply about and the type of impact they are interested in making, they can move forward with selecting an organization.

Spend time researching

If you are motivated towards making a difference in your local community, consider getting in touch with local community centers such as libraries, hospitals, and museums to learn more about where your community needs the most assistance. Social media is also a great way to connect with local community members and organizations and can be a great way to research where your help is most needed. If your focus is to make an impact on a broader scale, say nationally or internationally, the following websites are great resources to learn more about charities around the world.


Philanthropedia provides accurate and updated information on dozens of non-profit and charity organizations all over the world, allowing donors to feel confident in choosing a financially responsible and verified organization to donate to.


GiveWell is focused on providing users with opportunities to donate to charities dedicated to improving issues related to international aid and health. Using data, this website publishes details of organizations who are most in need of assistance.